An Interactive System For Training And Assisting Bridge Inspectors In Inspection Video Data Analytics (WD-4)


Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T)

Principal Investigator:

Genda Chen, Missouri S&T

PI Contact Information:

Phone: (573) 341-4462 | Email:

Co-Principal Investigators: 

Suzanna Long, Missouri S&T

Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided:
Missouri S&T: $160,000
INSPIRE UTC: $160,000

Total Project Cost: $320,000

Match Agency ID or Contract Number:
Missouri S&T: In-Kind Match | INSPIRE UTC: 00069372

INSPIRE Grant Award Number: 69A3551747126

Start Date: March 15, 2021
End Date: June 30, 2022

Brief Description of Research Project:

The overall goal of the project is to help users build the capability of inspection video data analytics for the robotic platform empowered bridge inspection. Specifically, the project will develop the prototype of an interactive system that guides and assists users to (i) learn fundamentals of inspection video data analytics; (ii) contribute their expertise to the development of the deep neural network (DNN) for detecting and segmenting bridge elements from inspection videos; and (iii) analyze inspection videos to assess the condition of bridges.

To deliver the proposed system prototype, the project will perform the following tasks: (i) creating web-based learning modules for training learners to master cross-disciplinary knowledge and fundamental skills of analytics; (ii) developing an inspection data analytic tool to assist inspectors in processing and analyzing inspection video data for the bridge condition assessment; (iii) creating a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to enable the interaction between users and the three major functions (i.e., learning, developing, and implementing video data analytics), (iv) developing a system central controller that integrates all developed components at a system’s level; and (v) testing the viability and usability of the system prototype to identify the room of system improvement.

Scope of Work in Year 1: (1) Create Learning Modules, (2) Develop the Inspection Video Analytic Tool, (3) Create the Graphical User Interface, (4) Build the Central Controller, (5) Test the Developed System.

Describe Implementation of Research Outcomes:

Research outcomes and implementation plan will be described towards the end of this project.

Impacts/Benefits of Implementation:

Impact/Benefits of Implementation will be summarized at the end of this project.

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