Research Projects

Workforce Development

a training framework of robotic operation and image analysis for decision-making in bridge inspection and preservation

ID: WD-1
Principal Investigator: Dr. Ruwen Qin | Missouri S&T

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Developing a Robotic Simulator and Video Games for Professional and Public Training

ID: WD-2
Principal Investigator: Dr. Sushil Louis | University of Nevada, Reno

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Sensing and Nondestructive Evaluation

UAV-enabled Measurement for Spatial Magnetic Field of Smart Rocks in Bridge Scour Monitoring

ID: SN-1
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Genda Chen | Missouri S&T



Battery-free Antenna Sensors for Strain and Crack Monitoring of Bridge Structures

ID: SN-2
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Yang Wang | Georgia Institute of Technology



In-line Long Period Grating and Brillouin Scattering Fiber Optic Sensors for Strain, Temperature, Chloride Concentration, and Steel Mass Loss Measurement in Bridge Applications

ID: SN-3
Principal Investigator: Dr. Genda Chen | Missouri S&T



3D Microwave Camera for Concrete Delamination and Steel Corrosion Detection

ID: SN-4
Principle Investigator: Dr. Reza Zoughi | Missouri S&T

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Hyperspectral Image Analysis for Mechanical and Chemical Properties of Concrete and Steel Surfaces

ID: SN-5
Principal Investigator: Dr. Genda Chen | Missouri S&T

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Autonomous System

Mobile-manipulating UAVs for Sensor Installation, Bridge Inspection and Maintenance

ID: AS-1
Principal Investigator: 
Dr. Paul Oh | University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Climbing Robots with Automated Deployment of Sensors and NDE Devices for Steel Bridge Inspection

ID: AS-2
Principal Investigator: Dr. Hung La | University of Nevada Reno

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Autonomous Wall-climbing Robots for Inspection and Maintenance of Concrete Bridges

ID: AS-3
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Jizhong Xiao | The City College of New York

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Inspection and Maintenance

Re-Inventing the Bridge Inspection Program

ID: IM-1
Principal Investigator:
Dr. George Hearn | University of Colorado Boulder

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Quantitative Bridge Inspection Ratings using Autonomous Robotic Systems

ID: IM-2
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Anil Agrawal | The City College of New York

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Retrofit and Resilience

Bridge Resilience Assessment with INSPIRE Data

ID: RR-1
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Iris Tien | Georgia Institute of Technology

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