External Advisory Committee

The External Advisory Committee (EAC) was established to guide the center throughout the development and validation of advanced and applied sensor, nondestructive evaluation, robot, and data logistics/analytics technologies targeted to practical solutions for the inspection and maintenance of existing bridges. The EAC consists of one FHWA representative, one state DOT representative from each participating institution, one representative from the highway industry, and one representative from the railway industry.

The EAC provides input to the establishment of ambitious yet practical target performance criteria for various measurement technologies and autonomous systems to be developed over a period of five years. The EAC meets twice a year to review the center’s progress and functions as a source of potential proposal reviewers or coordinators.

Advisory Committee Members

Hoda Azari, Ph.D. (FHWA representative)
NDE Program Manager, Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center
Federal Highway Administration
Bojidar Yanev, Ph.D., P.E. (NY City DOT representative)
Adjunct Professor, Columbia University, Brooklyn Polytechnic, NYU
Formerly with New York City Department of Transportation
Jennifer Harper, P.E. (MoDOT representative)      
Research Director
Missouri Department of Transportation

Michael Collins, P.E. (CDOT representative)
State Bridge Asset Management Engineer
Colorado Department of Transportation

Michael Premo, P.E. (NDOT representative)
Principal Structure Engineer, Structures Division Inspection/Maintenance
Nevada Department of Transportation
Paul D. Thompson (Highway industry representative)
Management System, Engineering Economics

Kevin Hicks, P.E. (Railway industry representative)
Transportation Engineering Consultant, TranSystems Corporation Formerly with Union Pacific Railroad

Donn Digamon (GDOT representative)
State Bridge Engineer, Office of Bridge Design
Georgia Department of Transportation